Trinity County’s Sheriff Releases Video Showing Man Hunted Down For Sexual Assault

Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace has released a video showing the arrest of a man they have been hunting down for days in a case involving child sexual assault. The recent video is the last of the uploaded videos as they have been keeping the public updated about the matter.

In the last video, Scott Hunter Colley was held by two deputies and was visibly tired from running. Wallace could be heard talking in the video, referring to Colley as a “scumbag.” He added that he hopes Colley enjoys his remaining years in prison as he will be behind bars for the rest of his life. The sheriff also shared that they found his meth in the area before they arrested him.

Authorities have been trying to arrest him since July 29. Accordingly, there are outstanding warrants of arrest for Colley for aggravated sexual assault of a child with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, kidnapping, and evading arrest with a vehicle.

Officials said that Colley was reportedly holding a woman against her will inside a house Friday before deputies say he fled to a field near Trinity Animal Clinic on FM 356. Deputies said he was also armed with a shotgun when the manhunt began.


Colley was in prison for years and was also sentenced to life. However, he got out after being placed on parole. Wallace said that Colley committed the same crime he committed now when he was first imprisoned.

In a post by Wallace, he talked more about the manhunt. He said that it was difficult because of the extreme temperatures. Thankfully, on Friday night, one officer was able to contain Colley in a small area so he could not run anymore. The officer waited for others to respond, and that was when Colley was finally arrested. The post also showed the area where Colley camped, where there was a mat, water, and food.

He went on to say that fortunately, no one was injured and thanked the pack hounds and the team that helped in tracking Colley down.