Texas Woman Loses Vaccine-Hesitant Husband, Father Of Her Infant, To COVID-19

A woman in Tomball city of Texas has lost her husband and father to their 4-month-old girl to COVID-19. Katherine Brooks said that when she got vaccinated, she also tried to convince her husband, Will, to get the shot, but he refused to do so.

Will Brooks, 42, has left behind Brooks and their baby girl. “She’s four months old. She hasn’t had a first Christmas. She’s not going to have that with her dad.”

According to Katherine, her husband was not that concerned about the virus because he was healthy. He was a veteran working as a security officer, and he always wore a mask. But he never wanted to get vaccinated, KHOU 11 reported.

Following her huband’s untimely death, Katherine has a message for unvaccinated people. She said: “This variant does not discriminate. When Will got sick, he had COVID pneumonia.”

Within a week of being diagnosed with COVID-19, Will was admitted to the hospital. Five days after being admitted, he got transferred to the ICU. Within a week, he was already intubated. Will was in the hospital for a total of 17 days, and he fought for his life until he died from COVID-19.

Credit: al.com

Katherine and her husband are newlyweds, and having a baby was not an easy journey for them. Their little girl, Carter, came into their lives after a series of fertility treatments. Katherine said she would always remember Will for being a good dad to Carter.

After the death of Will, Katherine said that she hopes the story about her husband being healthy, practicing safety protocols, but refusing to get vaccinated will change a person’s mind.

“There are a lot of people who are hesitant to get vaccinated. The original virus was like getting a really bad cold, really bad flu, but that’s just not the case anymore,” she said.