Texas Lawmaker, Now Recovered From COVID-19, Urges People To Get Vaxxed

Senator José Menéndez, a vaccinated Texas lawmaker, has shared his experience on Twitter after being infected with the novel coronavirus. In the Monday post, he openly urged all eligible Texans to wear masks and to get themselves vaccinated.

In his post, Menéndez shared how his family battled the virus over the last 16 days. He also shared a two-minute video to give an update on his and his loved ones’ conditions. 


The San Antonio Democrat then took it upon himself to tell others to get themselves vaccinated as it may be the only thing that could avoid potential complications and save their lives.

“Take it from someone who’s gone through it: you don’t want to mess with this thing,” he said.

Menéndez first announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 on August 13, following a COVID-positive test from his baby granddaughter. Though vaccinated, the family still contracted the virus after the senator’s baby granddaughter came down with spiked fever, which later turned out to be COVID-19, Kxan.com reported


In his earlier announcement, the senator had said that their family had been careful, but in the end, they still tested positive for the virus. 

“For over a year my family and I have followed all CDC protocols. We are all vaccinated. However, we contracted this virus, because someone, who due to no fault of their own, brought it into our home.”

He then shared that while most of the members of his family were asymptomatic, he and his granddaughter exhibited the symptoms. For his part, he shared that he had mild symptoms at first, but his condition had worsened much later. He also said that it could have led to his demise, if he had not been vaccinated.

“I unfortunately suffered very high fevers, chills, uncontrollable shaking, difficulty breathing, difficulty avoiding severe congestion, tightness in your chest. I believe that, had I not been vaccinated, I’d probably be in an ICU, or I may not even be here.”

Menéndez ended the video by asking everyone to “stop the spread of this cruel and evil disease” by getting the COVID-19 vaccine. He also encouraged everyone to wear a mask in public. 

The senator also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to those who sent well wishes to him and his family while they battled it out with coronavirus.