Seven-Day Weather Forecast: Sun To Remain Shy Over San Antonio Until Friday

Heavy downpour on Sunday over San Antonio is likely to slow down by midweek but will be followed by cloudy days until Friday, according to forecasts by The Weather Channel.

According to The Weather Channel, rain showers triggered by a weak font slowly moving across South Central Texas would still be prevalent in San Antonio into the start of the workweek but will gradually wind down by Tuesday. The next three days, however, would still be partly cloudy with scattered rain showers still a possibility.

san antonio rains
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There are 80% chances of rains, scattered thundershowers Monday afternoon as the strong side is expected to deliver heavy downpours capable of flooding low-lying areas.

A flood alert is also hoisted over the south of San Antonio on Tuesday, with heavy rains seen to pound at the south of Highway 90. There is a likelihood of showers Wednesday also.

Sun is expected to shine over the skies of Texas on Saturday at the very least.