North Texas Gym Owner Who Almost Died From COVID-19 Urges People To Get Shot

A fitness trainer and gym owner in North Texas remains at a hospital and almost lost his life to COVID-19. He had an interview with NBCDFW and said that people should get vaccinated to avoid the situation he is in now.

Antonio Rodriguez shared his experience with COVID-19. He said that he never got sick in the past and did not even have allergies because he was living a healthy lifestyle. When he decided to get vaccinated, it was already too late. Before his scheduled appointment to get the shot, he contracted the deadly virus.

When he tested positive for COVID-19, he was rushed to the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. Now, he is still having a difficult time breathing on his own and remains at the hospital in hopes of getting better. “Right now, me standing up taking two or three steps feels like I just ran a 400-meter sprint,” he said.

Rodriguez added that he shared his story, hoping that relaying his experience will save even one life. He encouraged the unvaccinated population to get the shot saying: “If you’re still thinking about it, go ahead and get it done. It’s not worth it. I’m a great example of that. I was thinking I’m invincible. This thing almost killed me. Just go ahead and get the vaccination.”


After he gets discharged, he plans to get fully vaccinated. Doctors said he might be released in the next week or two depending on his condition.