Man In Harris County Critical After Being Mauled By 2 Loose Pit Bulls

A man is in critical condition after two loose pit bulls attacked him Thursday, according to northwest Harris County deputies.

The incident happened in the 4300 block of Queens Retreat Drive at around 6:30 in the morning, said Harris County Precinct 4 deputies. The man who was attacked was on an early morning walk when two dogs crossed the street. The man was trying to move back away from the dogs when they attacked him.

Authorities said that Life Flight arrived in a church parking lot at 1322 Bammel N. Houston and immediately took the victim to a local hospital, Click 2 Houston reported.

KPRC 2 holds a surveillance video showing the incident. Deputies described the attack as “horrific”.


The attack transpired in Elmer Lavigne’s front yard, a retired sheriff deputy who ran out to help the victim. He told KPRC 2 that he shot one of the dogs to stop the attack on the man. “When I came out, the dogs turned around and went to attack us. I shot him through the shoulder, and it didn’t even stop him,” Lavigne said.

Another deputy shot the other dog after it bit an animal control officer twice while the latter was trying to restrain the animals. Both pit bulls are reported to be alive.

Darrel Berryman, a neighbor living just across the street from the victim’s home said he heard someone saying, “Help, help, help.”

“That’s when I said, ‘Something ain’t right,’” said Berryman. “I ran over here and saw two pit bulls. The man couldn’t move,” Berryman said. “They had him by his face… I told my granddaughter to call 911.”

Daniel Garza in Precinct 4 said: “It was pretty gruesome.” The victim also lost quite an amount of blood. “That was the main concern. I’ve been doing this a long time and this type of attack is not something you see on a normal basis,” Garza said.

Deputies were not able to identify the victim but he is likely in his 40s or 50s. The victim suffered injuries on his upper and lower body, as well as his face and neck. The paramedics gave him two units of blood on the scene.

Critical Care Manager of Cypress Creek EMS Zach Dunlap said that quick-acting team who responded to the attack were heroes.

Dunlap also said that this attack was one of the worst he ever encountered. “I’ve had a lot of dog bites and maulings, but this is up there with some of the worst I’ve ever seen.” Animal control took the two pit bulls and they will be quarantined and observed for 10 days. Deputies also took into custody the owner of the dogs for questioning. They said that charges are pending against him.