Johnson & Johnson Vaccine May Overtake Pfizer And Moderna Sales, All Thanks To Delta Variant

A South African study has suggested that the single-dose Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine is proving to be highly effective against the Delta variant that may help it beat Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines in terms of sales. 

Since the production of vaccines started, J&J has proven to be at a disadvantage when compared to Pfizer and Moderna. The one-dose vaccine has had disturbing, albeit, unconfirmed issues.

From disquieting reports of blood clots to perceived lower efficacy, problems have been associated with the one-dose vaccine. It also didn’t help that some people felt that J&J’s vaccine’s effictivity doesn’t stack up as well as the other two granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.


Johnson & Johnson vs. Pfizer vs. Moderna

Sisonke, a new study from South Africa, showed that the single-dose J&J vaccine is highly effective against the Delta variant which is said to have originated in India. Based on the massive trials, there is at least 71% efficacy in preventing hospitalizations. In terms of death, the J&J efficacy rose to 96% in delta-related cases even without a booster shot.

By comparison, both Pfizer and Moderna have already suggested a third “booster shot,” particularly for those with weakened immune systems. Pfizer has suggested efficacy rates ranging between 42% and 96%, whereas Moderna’s efficacy tops at 76% against the delta variant. 

So considering the J&J vaccine’s effectiveness in beating the highly contagious Delta variant, it seems that the vaccine will soon be looking at rising popularity and larger market share.

J&J’s single dose can prove to be the key that would tip the scales to its advantage. Not only is it easy to administer, it could quickly help increase the vaccination rates without having to wait for several weeks between doses.  

If the company can get its production-related issues all sorted out, Johnson & Johnson could take up some serious ground in the COVID-19 vaccine market, The Motley Fool reported. However, the J&J still has a long way to go in overtaking Pfizer and Moderna, but with the new studies proving its effectiveness against the Delta variant, it won’t be impossible for this vaccine to become the leading player in the future.