Is The COVID-22 Variant Scarier, More Infectious? Here’s What A Swedish Immunologist Has To Say

Even as the Delta variant of coronavirus is said to be wreaking havoc in several countries across the world, including the United States, there is a growing concern and fears about the COVID-22 variant that it is believed to be more infectious. Experts warn that the COVID-22 variant will be a more significant concern in the future.

A Swedish immunologist, Dr. Sai Reddy, recently talked about the COVID-22 variant’s “inevitable mutation.” He warned that COVID-22 could have combining features of the three most-feared variants of COVID-19 – Delta, Beta, and Gamma.

“COVID-22 could get worse than what we are witnessing now. If such a variant appears, we have to recognize it as early as possible, and the vaccine manufacturers have to adapt the vaccine quickly. The emergence of this new variant is a big risk. We have to prepare for it,” he said.

However, there are still no data and actual proof regarding COVID-22, so it remains a variant that is not within the radar of concern of health officials and experts.

Experts pointed out that the theories and prophecies regarding other mutations of coronavirus will never end, and it’s still too early to pinpoint any other possible variants. The only advice they can give to the public now is that people should not be complacent and always keep their guards up.

Further, health experts still believe that once complete herd immunity has been reached, the pandemic will turn into endemic and later into smaller outbreaks. Vaccines do not offer a complete cure for the virus, but they are clinically established to give those infected with the virus just mild symptoms and lesser percentages of succumbing to COVID-19.


The statements of the immunologist were later published in a German newspaper.