Houston Area Sees Floods, Power Outages Due To Storms, Heavy Downpours

Many areas in Houston saw floods and power outages because of the storms and heavy downpours through Monday afternoon. Videos shared on social media showed roads turning into rivers, creating problems for many drivers in the Houston area as some cars got stuck in the flooded streets.

The rains dumped 3 inches of rain in some areas, resulting in flash floods on a couple of roadways. Some drivers had to get out of their cars to push their vehicles to a higher area. Other drivers parked in areas where the waters did not reach them yet as they waited for the situation to improve. By 6 p.m. Monday, the storms calmed down and the water slowly receded.

Regarding the power outages, CenterPoint reported around 5 p.m. that more than 33,000 households and customers had no current. The powers were out because the storm produced more than 300 lightning strikes within Harris County in just 10 minutes.

Aside from the heavy rains and power outages, some west Houston neighborhoods also got hail.

Credit: wfla.com

In the coming days, some tropical storms are expected to make landfalls.

Tropical storm Fred will be making a landfall along Florida’s panhandle. Tropical depression Grace is expected to become a hurricane in the gulf. And Tropical storm Henri has already formed near Bermuda. Henri is a weak tropical storm as the winds are only at 40 miles per hour.

Fred, however, is a little bit stronger as the winds are at 50 miles per hour, and are expected to affect not only Florida but also Alabama and Georgia. Later, Tropical storm Henri will likewise affect parts of Washington, New York, and even Boston.

Tropical depression Grace has winds at 35 miles per hour but is expected to be stronger soon. It is expected to become a hurricane in Mexico and likely to impact Houston, too.