Farmer’s Almanac: Prepare For Another Rough Winter In Texas

Winter in Texas is going to be “frigid and flaky” just like February’s deadly storm, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. So the remaining days of summer and fall must then be cherished.

A “frosty flip-flop” winter for the United States is expected in the coming winter, according to Almanac who has been predicting the weather for farmers and gardeners in the last 200 years, Houston Chronicle reported.

But for other countries, near-normal amounts of snow with some month-to-month variations is expected.

Texas and Oklahoma are in for another icy weather, similar to what they experienced last winter, come late January, Almanac said. Farmer’s Almanac predicted before that Texas’ winter storm Uri will bring heavy snowfall, ice storms, and bitter temperatures due to a big strain on the state’s power grid. Over 200 people died during the storm.


Texas lawmakers have also prepared for future harsh weather incidents in the last 2021 legislative session. Changes made like the structure of the board of the nonprofit that runs Texas’ electrical grid was put in place. They also set new rules for the weatherization of power plants and natural gas suppliers.

This year, the Almanac forecasted that parts of the country will feel an active storm track that will eventually lead to a period of precipitation in different forms like snow, rain, hail, or ice.

Although February will not experience much of the storms, there will still be a “winter whopper” near the end of the month in some areas in the U.S, according to the Almanac. It also predicted that March will bring “full stretches of uneventful weather.”

The Farmer’s Almaac has been predicting long-range weather forecasts since 1818. It is using a system that has been been “altered slightly and turned into a formula that is both mathematical and astronomical,” according to its website.

Caleb Weatherbee, a weather prognosticator is the only person who knows the exact formula.