Dallas Musician Anthony Bellante Succumbs To COVID-19

Anthony Bellante, a popular artist who’s been around the Dallas music scene for decades, has succumbed to the COVID-19 virus.

According to local artist Kyle Money, Bellante was a Dallas hero. “He loved music, and he loved people, and he loved to put them together.” Bellante was also a promoter, who is always looking for new and fresh artists for his talent shows, WFAA.com reported.

Money also said that Bellante was the one who helped him get his career started. “He never charged me a dime for anything. He was so kind.”

Credits: chasingafterwind.net

Female vocalist Deanna Priddy also shared how he met Bellante six years ago. Priddy said that just recently, Bellante helped her record her first song. “He was a big dreamer and he thought if you can dream, you can do it,” Piddy said.

Bellante got sick in late July and was taken to Medical City Dallas on Aug. 3, according to his friends. He eventually tested positive for COVID and was put in life support.

Money admits that he already knew at that time that Bellante was in trouble. Four days after he was rushed to the hospital, Bellante passed away. His friends also said that the artist took the virus seriously but did not get the vaccine.

“And now, he’s gone. It’s no good. We have to get vaccinated,” said Money.

Priddy also shared that one of the last conversations she had with Bellante was about how God was a big part of his life.