Dallas Firefighter Fakes Getting COVID-19 For Time Off From Work

A firefighter from Dallas was arrested Friday for faking getting COVID-19 so that he “could get some time off from work.”

William Carter, 38, who worked with the Dallas Fire-Rescue and works at Fire Station 7, claimed earlier this year that his wife tested positive for the virus so he was allowed to take a leave on March 24. Court records show that he received $12,548.86 during his paid leave because of his false claims.

It is a rule in the City of Dallas that firefighters exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19 will be given paid time off so that they do not use their leave for sick days.

Carter initially said that his wife was the only one who tested COVID-19 positive. A week later, he claimed that his daughter also contracted the virus. This warranted Carter more time off from work as well as more compensation. Another week passed, and then, Carter claimed to his deputy chief that he is not feeling well and tested positive for the virus.

When asked to provide a copy of his test results, Carter admitted he was not tested for COVID-19. He was then asked to submit the doctor’s notes for his wife and his daughter testing positive, but he also could not provide proper documentation for that as well.

After the failure of Carter to provide proper documentation, detectives sent out a subpoena to the bank of Carter. Bank records showed that he was at a resort in Round Rock, Texas, during his leave. When asked by the fire department why he did what he did, he just responded with, “Greed, I guess.”

Credit: newsweek.com

Carter is now charged with felony theft and is being investigated by the Dallas Police Department. His bond was set at $1,500.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue is also conducting its administrative investigation. Carter remains with the fire department and is on paid administrative leave.