Brother Makes Prom Dress For Sister After Learning Family Could Not Afford To Rent One

In a heartwarming story from the Philippines, a brother’s love for his sister so much that it broke his heart when he knew his family could not afford to rent a prom dress for their daughter Lu Asey. The brother of Lu, Maverick Francisco Oyao, decided to make one for her, and it got a lot of attention online. The family is from Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Oyao made the prom dress last year, and it is stunning. It is one of a kind and majestic that many people worldwide could not help but admire Oyao.

Oyao is a Culture and Arts college student, and he applied what he has been learning in school to make the ball gown. He resourced the materials all from scratch to come up with the dress. He also said that he looked to Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco for inspiration.

The process done by Oyao to finish the dress was documented and posted on his Facebook page. Initially, Oyao revealed that he wasn’t sure if he could really pull it off, but he persevered because he loves his sister. He added that there were times he was tired from school but had to work on the gown again when he came home. He pushed himself after he saw how the gown is starting to look like the one he imagined.

The dress is white and blue to go with the prom’s theme, which was winter ball. The designs on the gown were intricate, and he used small white plastic flowers and beads to accentuate the skirt. He hand-painted the bodice of the gown, and it fits perfectly with the skirt. He made his sister look like a princess by adding butterfly sleeves.


In his post, Oyao shared, “I’ve done my part every well as your supportive brother, and I will never get tired of supporting you, that’s your brother’s promise to you. I hope I make you happy this Valentine’s Day. Even though we didn’t get your wish for the best dress but for me it was the best dress and the best because you are wearing it. Your brother loves you so much.”

Many expressed their admiration for Oyao. They commented on how well the dress looked and how great of a brother he is.