Beijing Still Maintain That COVID-19 Did Not Originate In China

A United States Intelligence Report to find out the origin of the deadly coronavirus was ordered by President Joe Biden months ago, and he is expecting to have the complete version anytime soon. So far, no initial findings from the report have been released to the public yet.

As the report is about to be completed, Beijing is reportedly still maintaining that COVID-19 did not originate from China, although the first cases of the deadly virus were reported in Wuhan late in 2019. One of the statements that have been repeated in China is that Washington “will only use the report to make up lies that will support their Wuhan lab leak theory,” CBS News reported.

Beijing officials have been very vocal about this and have been campaigning to blame the United States regarding the disease. They have also expressed their anger about the efforts of Western countries, led by the United States, to blame China for the pandemic.

Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization, Victor Gao, said that the United States is engaging in a conspiracy and is trying “to pinpoint the origin to China.” Gao further noted that the novel coronavirus existed much earlier than the outbreak in Wuhan and the other parts of the world.

A senior researcher at China’s Institute of International Studies, Yang Xiyu, also said that they have proof that COVID-19 started outside of China. The proof was not released to the public, but the researcher said the virus might have originated in the United States or Europe.


Not all China, however, are pushing the theory that the pandemic originated outside China.

A native from Wuhan, named Zhang Hai, was interviewed, and he said that he believes the global pandemic began in Wuhan. In January, he made remarks that he wanted to sue the Wuhan government over his father’s death due to COVID-19. “I hope the U.S. investigation will lead to Chinese officials getting punished and families of victims finally finding comfort,” he said in a statement.