Adoptive Dad ‘Will Not Put Down’ Dog Born Without Front Legs

A dog named Nobby was born without front legs. The dog was put up for foster care and the man who took him in refused to put the dog down despite the advice of a veterinarian.

The dog was only four hours old when a veterinarian suggested that the dog be euthanized. The pup was trying its best to do the same things its siblings did, but the other pups pushed the dog away whenever it tried to feed on its mom.

Lou Robinson, from Texas, and her husband Mark decided to adopt the poor pup. The couple has been adopting and caring for unwanted and homeless doggos for many years now, but according to them, taking care of Nobby was different. The couple took turns watching Nobby around the clock. They made sure to give the pup food through a bottle, love, care, attention, and security.

Everything was going smoothly as the dog’s eyes started to open, its ears developed, and the dog even let out tiny barks. The dog could likewise smell people and recognize their voices. A month after adopting Nobby, they noticed changes in the dog’s behavior. The dog started to sneeze, could not poop, and small bubbles came out of its nose.


They took the dog to the vet, and findings were found in his esophagus. The vet recommended some antibiotics for the dog, and he was placed in an incubator for monitoring.

The dog did not look well at all, but it fought for its life. Nobby, fortunately, got better over time. And now, the dog is three years old and has grown into a beautiful fur baby. The dog even has his own Facebook page so that he can share his adventures with the world. The dog is now strong, loves to play, and is curious about the things around him. The dog also has a customized wheelchair, so it is easier for the animal to get around.