A Doctor Pens Important Message For People After Treating Hundreds Of COVID-19 Patients, Signing Death Certificates

A doctor named Dave Grygla had to go back to Facebook after his 18-month mental health break from social media because he wanted to post a vital message addressed to everyone. He did this after a close friend of his, who was unvaccinated, died due to COVID-19.

Grygla posted his message through his wife’s Facebook page and started with the strong statement that reads, “GET VACCINATED. GET VACCINATED. Pick the best vaccine you can figure out and GET VACCINATED.” The doctor is a hospitalist at a hospital in St. George, and he revealed in his post that he cared for more than a hundred COVID-19 patients and later signed some of their death certificates.

Aside from the death of his close friend, he wanted to get the message across that people should not die from the virus because it does not have to happen. Grygla pointed out that it’s rare that the patients do not know where or from who they got the virus. Usually, it’s because of a family gathering, and those who passed it to the loved one who dies suffer grief, guilt, and regret.

Grygla added, “I just feel like people ought to know that the shot is not risky as they think it is. COVID is probably more dangerous to their friends and family than they think that it is. Since nobody’s masking and nobody’s social distancing, they should do the right thing and get the vaccine.” He pointed out that people spreading false information regarding the vaccines being unsafe should be called out.

Grygla said of all the patients he handled, and he only took care of two patients who had vaccine injuries. After they were taken care of, they were treated, survived, and went on with their lives, Deseret.com reported.

Credit: deseret.com

Further, Gyrgla said that his patients are getting younger. During the time that the virus started, most of his patients were over 65. Just recently, however, a healthy 39-year-old patient died.

At the end of his lengthy post, he said that he is just a physician reporting his first-hand experiences. People can make their own choices, but if they get severe COVID or gives it to someone who does poorly and later dies or loses months of their lives just to recover, they should remember that “it didn’t have to be like this. It didn’t have to happen. GET VACCINATED.”