Texas Rangers Have Made ‘History’ But It’s Not Something To Celebrate

Texas Rangers just made history, but it is not something they should be celebrating about. The team recorded their 10th consecutive loss after the game on Friday against Houston Astros.


This is the longest losing streak for the team since the year 1995. However, this latest loss tied with the July 17 to 25, 1995 and July 7 to 17, 1976 games having the same number of consecutive losses. This is still far from the team’s 15 straight losses back in 1972.

In a statement by Rangers manager Chris Woodward regarding the 10-year loss, “We can’t feel sorry for ourselves. It sucks. It’s not fun to be a part of that. I don’t like calling it a milestone because there is too much positive spin on the word milestone. I don’t know what word you’d call it, but I’ll come up with something else.”

During the 2021 games, Texas Rangers lost to Astros with 35-63. Texas Rangers was also outscored in the past eight games.

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The other times that Texas Rangers had consecutive losses were in 1982 with 12 losses and the years 2003, 2000, and 1987, where they had nine losses.