Texas Bookshop Owner Shares A Letter From Anti-Mask Customer

A Texas bookshop owner recently shared a letter on social media from an anonymous customer who said that COVID-19 mask restrictions like his store’s will lead to a new version of “Jim Crow.”

The anonymous customer, who identified herself as an Austin librarian, wrote a letter to the proprietor of the Painted Porch bookstore in Bastrop, Texas, expressing her sadness at having to leave the shop because of the mask requirement.

“I try to support local businesses, particularly bookstores, because they appear to be a vanishing breed,” the letter cited by media reports stated. “However, the theatre that is ‘the mask’ is no longer acceptable to me.” 

COVID-19 is “being utilized as a political instrument to separate and polarise people, families, and communities,” the librarian stated in the letter.

“The general public is being purposefully deceived in order to destabilize society, shutter local economies and tiny enterprises like yours, eliminate access to broad and sweeping ranges of valid information, and upend life as we know it,” she continued.

“I thought your window book display amusing,” she said, adding: “because if we allow this crazy goal to come to fruition, there will be a new form of’ separate but equal,’ a new type of segregation, a new version of ‘Jim Crow.'”

The woman stated in the letter that she felt “compelled” to send her letter anonymously because of the “hate and scorn” directed at those who do not believe in the “mask,” as well as the “many allegations and harsh assumptions made about people who do not trust in the safety of the not FDA authorized “vaccines.” 

The librarian concluded the letter, asking the Texas bookshop owner to “seek the truth.”

“Please seek the truth, because both it and humanity are right in front of you, not hidden behind a mask or government edict; and we are all shaking in our boots and staring at each other sideways,” she said, adding: “It’s exactly what the gods want.”