Sheriff’s Office In North Texas Faces Outrage Over Latest Arrest Incident

In Forney, Texas, a sheriff’s office is under fire as many were outraged over a video that surfaced online. It shows an officer pinning a teen girl to the ground despite her plea that she cannot breathe.

The incident took place outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area when officers were called about a woman allegedly trying to jump in front of cars. The woman who posted the video to Facebook said the teenager being pinned to the ground in the video is her 18-year-old sister. The teen was reportedly walking home when somebody called police and claimed that she was trying to jump in front of cars.

A Kaufman County Sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene and things quickly escalated. In the video, a woman is heard telling the deputy, “You can get up. You don’t have to do her like this.” “She’s trying to jump in front of cars,” the deputy said in a reply.

Apparently, the person taking the video told her sister to calm down, but the teenager who was pinned down said she could not breathe. Another woman could be heard talking about how hot it is during that time. The deputy did not let go of the woman and even had his legs wrapped around her legs so she cannot move from the restraint.

Later, the teenager was rolled over and handcuffed. She was being led to a car when an altercation between the questioned deputy and another person took place, reports said. It was not shown in the video what happened, but reports say that the woman and her mother were arrested after. It is unclear if they are still in custody.


The county sheriff’s office did not comment on the matter but said that it is aware of the social media post and reviewing it.