Rick Aiello, The Son Of Danny Aiello, Passes Away Due To Pancreatic Cancer

Rick Aiello, known for being the son of Danny Aiello and for his roles in movies like “Do The Right Thing,” “Sex and the City,” “The Sopranos,” and “21 Jump Street,” passed away at age 65 in a hospital in Warwick in Hudson Valley. He died due to pancreatic cancer.

Rick has been in and out of the hospital for the past year and a half because of his battle with pancreatic cancer. In his last moments, he was reportedly surrounded by his loved ones.

Rick’s death was made by public relations company Tracey Miller & Associates through a press release. Rick’s wife, Arlene Urichich, penned the press release. The statement reads in part, “Ricky was a wonderful father, husband, and a good friend to so many people. After losing his brother and then his Dad, he continued to show such courage and strength throughout his own battle with cancer.”

Urichich said that after all the years they spent together, it is difficult to imagine their life without the actor. Rick is survived by his wife and two children. One of them is a son named Ricky Jr., and the other is a daughter named Tori.

Credit: people.com

The older brother of Rick, Danny Aiello III, also died of pancreatic cancer when he was 53 back in 2010. Their father, an Oscar nominee, also died in 2019 at 86 after a brief illness.