Medical Experts Blame Low Vaccination Turnout For Rising COVID-19 Cases In San Antonio

The medical community is alarmed over the low turnout of vaccination for which they blame the continuing surge in the number of coronavirus disease infections.

According to San Antonio Metro Health Medical Director Dr. Junda Woo, figures reflecting fresh cases of COVID-19 infections are on the rise in Bexar County where a huge chunk of infections involve individuals who are yet to be vaccinated.

More than the low vaccine turnout, the medical expert also hinted at the mutated COVID-19 strain aptly referred to as Delta variant as a major consideration that they are looking into, citing scientific findings showing the Delta strain as 60 percent more contagious that the original virus form.

He also admitted that another major concern is the potency of the vaccines against the virus amid reports that even those who have taken the jabs eventually find themselves infected for COVID-19.

As it is, Dr. Woo underscored the need to regularly subject fully-vaccinated persons to be tested in the event one manifests even the slightest symptoms.

“And if you are contacted by us as part of a case investigation, even if you’re vaccinated, then the CDC guidance remains for you to get tested,” said Dr. Woo.

Citing earlier position taken by the American Academy of Pediatrics which cited the need for children aged two and up to wear masks in schools, just like any other individual who has yet to be administered with the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Woo underscored the need to ensure a strong immune system.

“It would be important if your immune system is weak to continue masking, distancing, having events or attending things that are outdoors preferentially to things that are indoors,” he further averred.

Government data covering early June until early July showed that the number of COVID-19 related hospital admission has remained unchanged.

However the last two weeks seemed a different story, says Dr. Woo who hinted at a significant sp[ike in hospitalizations — from 41 percent to 198.

He also noticed an increase in the number of patients inside the Intensive Care Units and even those requiring ventilators.

As for the positivity rate, Metro Health raised its level to “severe” as numbers doubled since the end of June.

“All of those are going in the wrong direction, and so everybody will need to decide for themselves whether to what additional precautions to take for sure. As long as there are large numbers of unvaccinated people out there, we can expect more variants,” warned Dr. Woo.

The best way to beat the virus, Dr. Woo further averred, is to be vaccinated.