Man Points Gun At Another Driver In Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera; Arrested

A driver was accused of pointing a gun and shooting at another driver on the east beltway near Woodforest Boulevard last weekend. Now, the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 3 has released a video of the incident.

On the dashcam video, a man is heard saying to another man, “I saw him point the gun at your car.”

Days after the incident, the constable’s office has arrested the suspect, Irvin Guevara, on a separate gun charge. Deputies expect he’ll face charges for the incident on the Beltway as well. “There’s definitely something going on there,” Chief Deputy Kirk Bonsal said, adding: “You don’t wave at somebody or say hi with a pistol.”

The suspect is yet to issue any statement regarding his arrest and the charges he’s facing.

Credit – click2houston

In view of the incident, the local deputies are reportedly seriously considering the idea of taking drastic steps amid the growing concerns over road rage incidents.

“I would say any road rage that does take place is a problem and before it becomes an even bigger problem, we want to try and stop it,” Capt. Jonathan Zitzmann with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office said in a separate statement, which hinted at deploying an-eight man teams to run after aggressive and trigger-happy drivers on the streets under their jurisdiction.

“It’s our hope that we can catch these issues before they escalate, so if we can catch the individuals swerving in and out of traffic if we can catch the individuals driving way over the speed limit, we hope that will hopefully curb some of these road rage incidents we’re experiencing,” said Zitzmann, who added that they would be focusing on freeways and busy roads like FM 2920.