Living Facility Reports 42 COVID-19 Positive Cases, Infected Persons Now Under Isolation

Amid the low vaccination rate, at least 42 persons in a San Antonio-assisted living facility were taken to an isolation facility moments after they tested COVID-19 positive.

According to the management company supervising the facility, among those tested who tested positive, 31 were residents and 11 were personnel of the Heartis San Antonio Living and Memory Care in San Antonio’s far north side.

Oddly though, all 42 COVID-positive individuals, except for four living facility personnel, had completed the required anti-coronavirus doses and as such are fully vaccinated.

As of July 21, Bexar County recorded a seven-day average of 363 new COVID-19 cases, even as local experts claim a worsening risk level of catching the virus.

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In a statement, Heartis San Antonio claimed that their facility is compliant with the government’s health protocols, adding that they are testing all their staff and residents on a regular weekly basis. On top of that, Heartis San Antonio said that they were never remiss on conducting daily health screenings.

According to the facility’s officials, they promptly asked their personnel to go home as soon as they showed symptoms. As it turned out, they were positive for COVID-19.

The officials added that those who tested positive for COVID-19 were no longer assisting the living facility. Asked for their whereabouts, the officials said they’ve been transferred to a nearby partnered facility.

“Our COVID-19 mitigation protocols go above and beyond federal CDC and Bexar County health department requirements for long-term care facilities. This includes daily health evaluations of staff, regular testing of all residents and staff, additional PPE resources, quarantined isolation rooms and paid leave for exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19,” a statement issued by Heartis San Antonio Living and Memory Care further reads.