‘Karen’ Lectures Black Man About Putting ‘Blacks Chicks In Their Place’

A “Karen,” referred to as a woman who is usually entitled, angry, obnoxious, and a racist was videoed at a restaurant sitting next to a Black man lecturing him about how such men should put “black chicks in their place.” The video has become viral after it was uploaded on YouTube.

The man, identified as Nicholas Wilkerson, went to Dead Fish in Crockett, California, to have lunch. Later, the unidentified white woman started talking to him as she ranted about how Black women were “messing up” the whole country. The woman told Wilkerson that Black men should put these women “in place” because if the men won’t, these women will “mess it all up.” It is unclear how the woman started talking to Wilkerson, but she insisted on talking about Black women.

Wilkerson later says in the video: “First of all, our Black women are strong. We got strong Black women in this world. Yes indeed. And the Black women in this country, in this world, is not the problem.” The woman still responded with, “Yes, they are. Truly they are.” Wilkerson again responded by saying that if she hated Black women, she also hated on his mother, sisters, and girlfriend.

The woman seemed to be drunk as she had a drink in her hand during the conversation with Wilkerson. Before she could say anything else, other people at the restaurant offered their table so he can sit away from the woman.

Credit: youtube.com

The video was initially posted on Wilkerson’s Facebook page, where many commended him for being calm. Others said that they would not have handled it the same way he did. The woman in the video has not been identified or has spoken about the matter.