In June, San Antonio Witnessed Several Weird Incidents: Read More

This month, KSAT covered a variety of issues that aren’t your regular news items as they are a bit weird.

There have been several strange animal headlines in the area recently, such as the kangaroo in Boerne and the flying termites that came after the rains at the end of the month.

Some of the weird news are as follows:

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  • On June 24, a mama Dalmatian in Fredericksburg gave birth to a near-record brood of 16 puppies.
  • After rainy weather, some residents in Northeast Bexar County and Guadalupe County reported seeing swarms of flying insects.
  • After being stopped by authorities for attempting to dredge “treasures” from the San Antonio River last year, a prominent diver on YouTube was allowed back to San Antonio to do so legally.
  • After a video of his walk across the stage during graduation went viral, a student at Clark High School received some social media attention. The video, which was shared on Facebook on June 8, shows a student opening his graduation gown to expose lingerie before sprinkling glitter into the air.
  • In South Texas, it’s bee swarming season, as one Cibolo resident realized when a swarm of bees appeared in her backyard.
  • An estate sale’s leftovers were about to be dumped in the garbage when a woman noticed a glint out of the corner of her eye. It was the dusty front cover of a scrapbook.
  • Now there’s something people don’t see very often: A kangaroo hopping around Boerne.