In Houston, More And More COVID-19 Cases Are Recorded In Hospitals Despite Vaccinations

As the Delta COVID-19 variant spreads across the United States, in the Texas Medical Center, and at more than a dozen hospitals throughout the greater Houston-Metro area, health officials say COVID-19 numbers are trending in the wrong direction.

Accordingly, many people in the Houston area are already out and about after getting vaccinated. One citizen said that it’s a shock because everyone’s just having fun, but the number of cases continues to increase, which is bothersome. Another citizen said that the increase in the COVID-19 cases is probably because others have the mindset that they are healthy and will never catch the deadly virus.

The increase in the cases is the first time in many weeks, Memorial Hermann Health System President and CEO David Callender said. Just last week, the Texas Medical Center said that there were 398 cases on an average daily. The week before, there were only 133. There is also a positivity rate of 4 percent this week, a .9 percent increase from last week’s 3.1 percent. The reproduction rate likewise increased as it was only .91 percent last week compared to the 1.58 percent jump.

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Callender believes the reason there is a sudden increase is that half of the Houston population is yet to be vaccinated. There are no updates on when they expect everyone in the area has had their shot against the virus. He also believes that the Delta variant has something to do with the sudden increase and spread. This variant is more contagious, and the transmission rate is higher than the original COVID-19 strain.

Although the vaccine they are administering to Houston residents is proven to be effective, health officials are still appealing to the public to practice earlier imposed health protocols. Until they get vaccinated, they should still practice social distancing, wear masks, and observe proper hygiene, health experts say.