In A Survey Of Historians, Trump Ranks 41 Out Of 44 Presidents, Obama In Top 10

In a recent survey of presidential historians, former President Donald Trump came barely short of being ranked dead last among America’s presidents, while his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, made it into the top 10.


  • In a C-SPAN survey of 142 “historians, professors, and other professional observers of the presidency,” Trump has ranked 41st altogether out of 44 presidents, finishing in last or near-last on categories including “moral authority,” “administrative skills,” and “international relations.”
  • Trump scored somewhat higher in areas such as “public persuasion,” “economic management,” and “vision/setting an agenda,” where he ranked in the 30s.
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  • Trump is only ahead of William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia 31 days after taking office, and John Tyler, who spent his final days as a member-elect of the Confederate House of Representatives.
  • Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Andrew Johnson are the only presidents who followed behind Trump, all of whom are reviled by historians for their alleged involvement in the Civil War or racial discrimination.
  • Obama gained two points to tenth place, beating out Lyndon B. Johnson, who is best known for his role in advancing civil rights legislation and extending entitlements.

What is the history?

Trump’s presidency has been damaged by a slew of scandals and issues, including an inquiry into suspected ties between his campaign and the Russian government, as well as the coronavirus outbreak.