Houston Police Department Close To Identify Suspect Behind Death Of 17-Year-Old Sports Fan

Taking a cue from the information provided by a city-based anti-crime advocacy group, the local police are expecting to catch up with the suspect behind the death of a 17-year old sports fan who was shot in the head by a lone gunman last week.

According to Crime Stoppers’ Andy Kahan, they have been receiving lots of information deemed crucial in identifying the assailant of David Castro who was killed moments after watching an Astros game Tuesday night.

“All it takes is for that one person at that right moment to see that and go, ‘Hey, I know that car, I know who was driving that car,” said Kahan.

Cops Hunting Down Suspect Behind Morbid Stabbing Incident in Houston

Kahan expressed a strong belief that somehow, there’s at least one person who knew the person behind the wheels of a white Buick sedan with a large sunroof, which was used by the suspect to flee the crime scene.

“They had to go from point A to point B. Where were they before they encountered the Castro family? I don’t think there is any question from our perspective whether somebody out there knows who was driving the vehicle and pulled out a gun and shot the young man to death,” added Kahan as he sought more information from the people who were at the crime scene or may have any idea as to who that assailant was.

A $10,000 reward has also been put up for any information that could lead to the arrest of the gunman.

Earlier reports had the victim’s dad David had a glimpse of the killer. It was also from his description that the police cartographer was able to make a sketch of how the suspect looks like.

The older Castro also appealed to the suspect to surrender.

“I have faith that the community is going to help us identify him so that he is taken off the streets and no longer poses a threat to my family,” he said.