Houston Man Charged For Voting Twice While On Parole

The 2020 election scene on the Texas Southern University was chaos. The voters turned out for the Democratic Party primary in large numbers. Voters stayed in the queue even past 1 a.m.

Amid the chaos, a voter named Hervis Rogers said that he had to wait in the line for more than six hours, Click2Houston.com reported. “I wanted to get my vote in to voice my opinion,” he said, adding: “I wasn’t going to let nothing stop me.”

Later, it was discovered that Rogers was a twice-convicted felon who was on parole at the time, making it against the law for him to vote, KPRC 2 reported. He was arrested Wednesday and taken to the Montgomery County jail. He is facing two felony charges for illegal voting.

“He’s been convicted twice before for a felony,” said criminal defense attorney Christopher Downey, adding: “That raises his range of punishment up to 25 years to life on each count.”

This week, issues of voter fraud and election rights are at centerstage at the state capitol. One of the several key issues being debated by lawmakers in a special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Downey said that he is not questioning the arrest timing of Rogers. He further said that in his practice spanning nearly 30 years, he has never heard of or saw anyone’s arrest for illegal voting.

He also expressed astonishment at Rogers bond. He said that a whopping $100,000 in bonds for a voting infringement seems “absurd.” Downey said that Roger’s bond is probably so hefty because of his past criminal record.