Houston Family Restaurant Asks Group Of Women To Leave Over ‘Inappropriate Outfits’

Support has started to pour in for a group of friends who were asked to leave a Houston family restaurant. The staff reportedly told the women that their outfits were “inappropriate” for a family restaurant.

The incident happened Tuesday, and the restaurant was identified as Rouxpour, located in Baybrooke Mall.

One of the women asked to leave the restaurant was 29-year-old Laurin Hughes. She is 25 weeks pregnant and was wearing a sleeveless dress during the outing. “We were all just dumbfounded. How are you going to turn away a pregnant woman? I’m hungry. I would wear this outfit with my family,” she said.

Hughes continued to share that they did not even make it through the door because an employee already asked them to cover up with sweaters before going inside. “I looked at her and said, ‘No, it’s 100 degrees outside,’” she said. However, the employee continued to tell them that they could dine in the restaurant only if they covered up. But the group left and dined at another restaurant.

However, Hughes was left upset due to the incident. She took to social media to post what the group was wearing and talk about the incident. Aside from Hughes, another one of her friends was wearing a dress, too. Two of them were wearing pants and sleeveless tops. The other woman in the group wore a long skirt and a long sleeve top. Hughes captioned their photo: “I’m still trying to see what is so inappropriate about what we are wearing and why we weren’t allowed inside.”

Credit: therouxpour.com

The post of Hughes garnered attention, and many came to her defense. Many also reached out to Hughes, saying that they were also turned away because of dress code concerns.

A statement by the general manager of Rouxpour, Eric Dicesare, said that it was a bad judgment call, and they already reached out to Hughes and her friends to apologize. He said that he offered to have them dine with them to remedy the earlier situation. It is unclear if Hughes and her friends took the offer.