Houston: 17-Year-Old Dies After Road Rage Shooting, Father Donates Son’s Organs

A 17-year-old boy Texas teenager recently died in what is believed to be a road rage shooting and now his father is donating his organs in hopes of saving other people who need them.

David Castro was fatally shot last Tuesday night and passed away in a hospital two days later.  

Since the death, doctors had been evaluating whether David’s organs could be donated to someone in need, his father, Paul Castro, said last week. 

Paul announced Sunday that his son’s organs would be collected by the Life Gift Organ Donation Center who would then give them away to people who needed them and who medically matched to be receivers. 

“May they be successful so others can benefit from his passing,” Paul wrote in a Facebook post.

Houston - 16 Year Old Dies After Road Rage Shooting, Father Donates Son's Organs
Credit – Click 2 Houston

Police are yet to get hold of the gunman responsible for the deadly shooting. 

According to police, last Tuesday, Paul and his two sons were leaving an Astros game around 11 p.m. when a man in a white Buick Lacrosse crossed their path on Chartres Street near Preston.

The man tried to overtake and get in front of him in traffic, Paul said.

“This guy, he was so close to me that he was almost chipping the paint on my truck,” Paul recalled during a news conference Friday. “I kept moving forward and that’s when he leaned out [of his car,] I was like, ‘I’ve already let three people in.’ That’s my hand gesture. That hand gesture got my son executed and that’s not fair.”

Police said that the man followed the family onto I-10 East and took the Wayside exit along with them. The suspect shot at the Castro family’s truck as soon as they made a U-turn under the East Freeway, said detectives. The suspect then continued to follow the Castro’s vehicle onto I-10 headed west but veered away at some point, confirmed police.

In the shootout, David suffered a bullet injury in the head while the father and his other son were not injured.

The HPD has also released a clearer photo of the suspect vehicle along with a sketch of the suspect on Friday. Police described the suspect as a Black man or a Hispanic man with a darker complexion, is about 5 feet 8 inches or 5 feet 10 inches tall, and is probably in his 20s or early 30s.