ER Doctor Uses TikTok To Spread ‘Important Information,’ Gains A Lot Of Attention

In Fort Worth, Texas, an Emergency Room Doctor is gaining a lot of attention on the video-sharing platform called TikTok. Dr. J Mack Slaughter says TikTok is the perfect platform to reach more audiences to give them essential information.

Slaughter said that he initially thought TikTok was just for teenagers who can showcase their dance moves. However, everything changed when he decided to use it to make videos about different medical conditions.

The first videos he made were about COVID-19 as he wanted people to know about the good reasons for getting vaccinated. He said he decided to make such videos because “people didn’t even feel like they could trust the CDC at one point, so where could they turn?”

Slaughter continued to share that as he is a physician, he did his research before getting the vaccine. He used TikTok to tell his friends and family that getting the shot is “worth it.” His video got many views, and Slaughter believes it was a massive hit because it “resonated with people” since he was not a government body and not a huge corporation that tells them to go and get the vaccine to gain financially.

After the success of his posts about COVID-19, he expanded his content. One of the videos he made is about the signs that a baby is having trouble breathing. This video got 1.2 million views.

Another video explains the condition when a bone in a child’s arm gets dislocated. This video got 1.3 million views. Slaughter said that he also noticed that the videos he made about sexual health and parenting get the most views.


Despite the success of his videos, Slaughter made it a point to tell his viewers that he is not diagnosing them, nor is he providing any medical treatment through his videos. According to the doctor, he is just sharing tips and knowledge so people can be more aware of their health or their loved ones’.

Slaughter was a singer before he became a doctor. He also uses his songwriting and singing skills to talk about medical conditions.