Delta Plus COVID-19 Variant Found In Houston – What We Know So Far

Cases related to the Delta plus COVID-19 variant have been reported in Houston, Texas. Three patients were admitted at the Houston Methodist Hospital, and they all have tested positive for the said variant.


Reports say that these patients got tested between June 27 and July 4. There is no information available as to where they caught the virus or how they contracted it. It is also unclear if these people who tested positive for the Delta plus COVID-19 variant have already been vaccinated or not.

Dr. Wesley Long, from the hospital, said that the Delta plus COVID-19 variant is the one “that has all the mutations of the Delta variant and has acquired an additional mutation in the spike protein.”

Dr. Maria Rivera of the Harris County Public Health said that she remains worried and concerned over the many variants of the COVID-19 strain because a large percentage of the population is not yet vaccinated. She emphasized that the transmission and contraction of the COVID-19 disease remain high in the unvaccinated population.

Health experts said that they hope that more people will be vaccinated in the coming weeks and months to lessen the transmission and positivity rate.


In India, health officials have labeled the Delta plus COVID-19 as a “variant of concern.” It is believed that it will have an impact on the effectiveness of the vaccines. The variant may also affect the monoclonal antibody treatments.

Officials are likewise saying that another reason for the transmission is because many citizens believe that the pandemic is already over and everything is back to normal. Rivers noted: “I think the message we’re trying to send is, unfortunately, the pandemic is not over, if you’re not vaccinated, especially, you’re still at risk.”

Citizens, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are still encouraged to stay at home, avoid large crowds, wear masks in public, practice social distancing, and have good hygiene.