Crime Stoppers Have Tips For You: What Should You Do If Someone Is Following You?

More and more people report that they are being or have been followed by someone while out and about. Now, Crime Stoppers want to help people by giving them tips on what to do in such a situation.



Rania Mankarious, the CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston, shared during an interview with CW39 Houston that it is a scary trend. They get too many calls from people who were just out for dinner or went shopping when they noticed someone following them home. Many calls added that they were approached by someone usually armed.


One of the tips that Mankarious shared was that the citizens of Houston need not fear going out as they should still enjoy it. However, they should be mindful. For example, if the valet their car, they should take the insurance cards out of their glove box, and they should remove the home setting in their vehicle’s navigation.


When it is time to go home, it’s best to look around the surroundings if anyone looks suspicious or feels like they’re being observed and followed. If this happens, they should not immediately go home. People should then make an effort to be in contact with law enforcement officials. Calling 911 is the number one option, but it is best if the local neighbourhood law enforcement officials’ numbers are also known to make sure someone will come and assist them.


In instances when people do not feel like they are being followed, they should still be cautious. There have been reports about people hiding behind their garage doors until the person gets home. To prevent being a victim, people should make sure that their garage door is locked upon getting the vehicle inside. Before getting out, they should make sure that no one got in before the door was closed. Once it is determined that no one is there with them, they should exit the vehicle.