Community Raise Funds For Three Children Orphaned After Parents Shot Dead

Several local motorcycle clubs in Houston, Texas, came together recently to raise funds and offer support for a family who is a victim of a shooting incident. The family lost three of their members, including a six-year-old child.

These biker clubs held a benefit to help the surviving children and also intend to set up a scholarship fund to make sure the kids have the support they need now and years down the road.

The event took place on Sunday at the S&S Sports Bar located on Cullen Boulevard. The event was a fish and chicken fry benefit and lasted until Sunday evening. The proceeds from the event will benefit the surviving children. They also plan to set up a scholarship fund so that the children will have the means to continue going to school.

The shooting happened on June 30 at an apartment complex in the Fondren area. The victims are the parents named Donyavia Lagway and Gregory Carhee. The child who died was their daughter, Harmony Carhee. Two of the children of Lagway and Carhee survived the incident.


One of them, Lyric, faked her death to save her one-year-old baby brother. Lyric was shot in the arm and convinced the shooter that she was a goner. After the shooting, Lyric called her grandmother to ask for help and tell her what happened to her family. Lyric was honored during the event for her heroic actions.

Aside from Lyric and the one-year-old brother she saved, they have one more brother, who is eight years old. Thankfully, that boy was not at home during the shooting as he was out with an uncle.

The grandmother of Lyric, Mandy Lagway, said of the event, “I really thank everyone for coming out here and supporting us at this time of grieving. I love it. It’s wonderful.”

According to Lyric, the person who shot her family was wearing a mask. The man reportedly knocked on their door, and when Lyric’s father opened it, the man went inside. The man then asked Lyric’s family to be lined up on the couch. He then proceeded to shot them each in the head.

Police believe that the person who did this is 28-year-old Xavier Davis. Davis has since been charged with three counts of capital murder. He was also charged for shooting Lyric. The motive for the killing remains unclear.