Are You Eligible For The $1,500 Stimulus Check Of Harris County?

Citizens of Harris County have until August 11 to apply for a $1,500 stimulus check. Applicants must prove that they are experiencing hardship regarding their financial capability brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The stimulus check will be given through the Harris County Recovery Assistance. The development comes as recently, a program amounting to $30 million in emergency financial assistance, was approved. They are working with Catholic Charities in administering the funds.

Those who want to apply can go to There, you can find that you can prove you are having a difficult time financially if you lost your job, your wage was reduced, your business income decreased, you became sick that is why you cannot work, your health condition does not allow you to work, or your income is not sufficient to pay for your necessary household expenses like medical costs, child care, and the like.

You will also be asked to upload identification cards and fill in the information requested for a chance to get a spot for the stimulus check.

You do not have to rush to apply because the recipients will be chosen randomly. This is not a first-come, first-serve basis. Anyone who submitted the requirements and gave the necessary information will have an equal chance with anyone who accomplished such. A total of 2,000 individuals or families will receive the stimulus checks.


Once you get selected to move forward after the randomization, a Catholic Charities staff member will contact you to gather the remaining documents. You can check your mobile phone or e-mail for the next steps.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo released a statement saying, “How we respond to the most vulnerable in our community will be the key to our region’s economic recovery. Over the past year, millions of families in Harris County have relied on cash infusions – from federal stimulus payments to local relief programs – to stay housed, clothed, and healthy. As other protections expire, these direct payments will serve as a vital bridge to a permanent recovery from this pandemic.”

Experts are saying that the economic recovery in the area will be slow. Also, because many infections are starting to be recorded in the Houston area, there is a good chance that the slow economic progress will be even slower.