A Dog in San Antonio Reunited With His Owner After 11 Years!

When David Calderon, a resident of San Antonio, got a call from the Animal Care services saying that they’ve probably found his dog, he couldn’t just believe what he heard. Samson, his Labrador dog that went missing more than 11 years ago, was found by the Animal Care services. 

After Samson went missing, David did almost everything he could to find him. But despite several efforts, he couldn’t find him. However, But he didn’t forget his dog and had hope that one day, his beloved pet would come back to him.

The Power of a Microchip!

Then, one day, the Animal Care services found seven dogs from the streets of San Antonio and one among them was a Lab dog that looked week and dirty and was covered in fleas. They took him for treatment and looked for a microchip. And, they found it!  It was then easy for them to track his owner and contacted Mr. David on the 15th of June. That was how Samson the lab united with his master. That microchip on his head was a game changer and without it, the dog would have never met his master. 

A long-awaited reunion 

Initially, David doubted if his dog will recognize him after so many years. But when Samson saw his master, he walked to him and started to sniff his hands affectionately. David was so happy that he almost wept with joy. 

 “He was so anxious to see his dear Samson after so many years, but finally, it was the time for the long awaited reunion” said Animal Care Services of San Antonio. 

David was sad about the condition of his dog. He remembered that his dog weighed more than 90 pounds before disappearing and it now weighed a little more than 50. But he is hopeful that his dog will be healthy again. “The dog had the habit of escaping through the fence but never got so far and all the time, we would bring him back home,” he said.  He also suspects that Samson was stollen.

The reunion of Samson and his master is happy news and their story is as dramatic as a movie. This incident also underlines the importance of microchipping pets so that lost dogs and other pets can be taken back to their owners. Microchipping pet animals is mandated by the law in San Antonio.