333 Texans Test Positive For COVID-19 Despite Taking Jabs

From how it looks, Texans must have been made to believe on the wrong notion that taking complete vaccine jabs can make one immune from COVID-19, as some 333 folks thought it could.
Government data covering the onset of 2021 showed that 333 residents of Travis County who already had two doses of COVID-19 vaccine test positive for the virus.
The figure however is considered a small fraction of the 670,000 people in the county who are fully vaccinated.
It was not certain though if these individuals had been infected with the mutated COVID-19 strain aptly referred to as Delta variant, which experts claim as 60 per cent was more infectious than the original virus composition.
Among those who fell ill after taking full doses is COVID-19 survivor Jenny Perez.
333 Texans yield positive for COVID-19 despite taking jabs
Credit – KXAN
According to Perez, she first caught the virus in January. After getting well, she claimed to have been infected again but unlike in her first bout against COVID-19, she didn’t lose the sense of taste and smell.
She however admitted that “the second time there was a fever and that body-ache and breathing difficulty was by far the worst symptom I had to deal with.”
Perez said she couldn’t believe she got infected despite the utmost caution she’s been doing to protect her son. Her son nonetheless tested negative for COVID-19 infection.
“The first time it took about a month for me to test negative. The second time, it was within a week,” Perez said.
Another individual Regina Pompa’s husband also got infected after getting fully vaccinated just like Perez.
But unlike Perez, Pompa’s hubby had himself a checkup for another illness. However, he had to undergo COVID-19 testing as a matter of hospital protocol. It was then that he found out that he has been infected too.
Pompa, close contact with her infected husband tested negative for the virus.
The World Health Organization has been very explicit in its advisories — that vaccines are still under development and could only be able to prevent serious cases for those who have received full doses.