Two Border Agents In Texas Deny Exchanging Gunshots with Alleged Traffickers

Sources have told Fox News that two Border Agents roaming in Hidalgo County Wednesday night presumed that they were shot on by the suspicious smugglers, as representatives continue to experience severe circumstances at the US-Mexico border and increasing pressure midst the border crisis, but the organization claims the agents were not shot at.


Gunshot turned out to be something else

An insider told Fox News that what they believed was a gunshot found out to be a gadget used among farmers to safeguard their livestock.

Afterward, the Border Patrol issued a statement:

“On June 2, 2021, agents working near the Rio Grande observed what appeared to be muzzle flash from a firearm emerging from a nearby field. Further investigation into the incident revealed agents were not fired upon by a suspect with a firearm but saw the muzzle flash from an automated hog/bird cannon which was placed in a nearby field. The cannon were activated by the motion of the patrolling agents. No injuries were reported.”

Lt. Christopher Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety told “America’s Newsroom” on Friday that this would be a “federal government issue.”


The Southern border needs support at present

They don’t favor Border Patrol, he stated. They are in desperate need of assistance at the southern border right now. The federal government is responsible for all of this. They’re overburdened by the number of hours it takes to process these people.

The two agents on ATVs were monitoring a cornfield in Weslaco at 9 p.m., according to a Border Patrol report of the incident acquired by Fox News.

“Agents returned fire and pursued subjects south toward the Rio Grande River,” the report continued. “Agents and unknown subjects exchanged fire at least once more near the river road.”

Officers from the Border Patrol were unharmed. According to the statement, it wasn’t apparent if any other people were also hit.


The Bottom Line

According to Fox News, a Border Patrol tactical unit was dispatched to the location, and federal officials are conducting an investigation.

The encounter was classified as “very rare” by the informants, as cartel traffickers normally avoid attacking Border Patrol agents. According to the sources, the smugglers were most likely attempting to transport high-value drugs.

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