The WWE Champion is Preparing for a Brawl in San Antonio

After more than a year of competing in empty arenas, the WWE’s superstars are finally returning to San Antonio.

Monday Night Raw tickets will go on sale Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. For one night only, your favorite superstars will perform at the AT&T Center.

Drew McIntyre, the two-time World Champion, gave us a preview glimpse at what’s to come.


That Is a Place That Genuinely Enjoys The WWE and Wrestling.


“I’m so excited about live fans are coming back in general, but more specifically, coming back to San Antonio,” said McIntyre. “That’s somewhere that truly appreciates the WWE and Wrestling. I can go to the restaurant or the gym and the fans start telling me more about wrestling than I know. I’ve been watching my whole life and wrestling for 21 years now.”


“The Scottish Psychopath” doesn’t have much time to celebrate though, unfortunately, as he’ll be wrestling against Roman Reigns on Sunday at Survivor Series in one of the biggest matchups WWE has to offer.


McIntyre visited me via Zoom on Tuesday to discuss these topics and more, including how it felt to fall off the Hell in a Cell structure and his desire for a single match versus The Undertaker.


Smackdown on Friday Nights

Monday Night Raw returns to San Antonio on August 16, but in meanwhile, don’t miss Friday Night Smackdown, which airs every week on Fox San Antonio.


For starters, I think it’s cool. I’m Scottish, and I’m proud of it.

Two, from the standpoint of branding.


Just thinking about what distinguishes me from the outside world, as opposed to the wrestling fans who watch WWE.


Aside from being the most jacked, what distinguishes me is, “Oh, that’s the Scottish one!” The Braveheart character. I’d like to learn more about him.”


So I believed it was significant for me in terms of heritage, presentation, and branding, but it was never the perfect time.


I’ve always wished to be bigger than life. And what distinguishes me. I’m the tallest, darkest, long-haired, bearded guy on the team. We got a lot of them. If you don’t follow wrestling, you could think, “Oh, those guys kind of look alike.”

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