The Historical Galveston Hotel Galvez has a New Owner, New Name, and a Fresh Paint Job

The Historical Galveston Hotel Galvez has a new owner, new name, and a fresh paint job


The famous Hotel Galvez in Galveston has a new owner, which means the island may undergo some changes.


Mark Wyant, a hotelier, purchased the property from the family of Galveston Island-born oilman and developer George P. Mitchell in May. Wyant stated shortly after that the hotel would be renamed the Grand Galvez Resort & Spa.


Mark Wyant’s opinion


Mark Wyant is aware of and embraces the fact that this property has a long and prosperous background. Grand Galvez Resort & Spa, on the other hand, will represent the gorgeous restorations and renewable energy. He will introduce such new ideas to the property and all of its facilities.


“My primary goal is to embody the hotel’s beautiful architectural design while, at the same time, introduce an upgraded luxury and energy, which will attract even more guests to … Galveston,” said Wyant.


The iconic property, which sits on the stately property facing the Gulf of Mexico, remains a landmark. But the famous hotel is anticipated to make more changes.


About the Island


The residents of the island were excited as the building wore a pink coat. The general manager told ABC13 that the current work was to restore the building in 1911 and that it was colored flamingo during that time.


Painting and other renovations are part of a renovation project worth almost 40 million dollars.


“My plans include renovations of the hotel rooms, common areas, and hospitality settings as well as the addition of exciting entertainment venues, which will bring a new vitality to the Grand Galvez Resort & Spa,” said Wyant.


For the time being, the pink paint will only be applied on a small section of the structure that faces away from Seawall Boulevard. The manager explains that before moving forward with the project, they want to see how the paint color holds up in the Texas sun.

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