The Best Olive Oils For OCU in 2021

In the wide Spanish gastronomy, one of the products that enjoys greater recognition is oil. The liquid gold , so praised for its properties in the range of extra virgin olive , has a wide range to choose once the consumer moves to the supermarket. For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has drawn up a list to define the best ones according to their properties, characteristics or price.

Possibly the ingredient that should never be lacking in the Mediterranean diet , extra virgin olive oil has become a must in every Spanish home. However, there are brands that try to mislead users, so the OCU denounces those who pass themselves off as extra virgin olive without being one .

For this, an oil must pass a sensory test, carried out in an accredited panel and with a specific methodology established by the regulation itself. A study that leaves up to 21 articles that can be easily found in the market as of authentic quality, where five stand out of which four are white label.

Oleoestepa oil
Always categorized as “the best” by the OCU, this extra virgin olive oil also has the recognition of Protected Designation of Origin . With a score of 85 out of 100 , it is an oil with an excellent sensory analysis, fruity and slightly spicy and bitter.

Highly recommended for use in the kitchen, with stews and fried foods, it can be found in several large stores such as Carrefour , Alcampo or El Corte Inglés . Its price, in addition, ranges from 4.5 or 5 euros in one-liter bottles to between 20 and 24 euros in five-liter bottles.

Carrefour oil
The best private label and the second highest rated by the OCU, this oil obtains the highest score in acidity while in labeling and preservation it gets four out of five stars. A product made with olives of the Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual variants.

Only possible to find in Carrefour , under the signature of the French chain, the one-liter bottle costs 3.7 euros in physical establishments, while the five-liter bottle costs 16.65 euros.

Hacendado Oil
One of the most demanded in large Spanish supermarkets, Hacendado oil achieves a score of 83 out of 100. Recognized as being of “very good quality”, this product bases its recognition on the production of Oleoestepa , which thus manages to carry its so much bottle awarded to the Valencian shelves under a white label.

Only available in Mercadona establishments , the chain run by Juan Roig places it at 3.7 euros for a 0.4-proof one-liter bottle. In addition, the five-liter jug ​​costs 10 euros in the Valencian chain.

Auchan Oil
The third white brand in contention, the Spanish-French chain achieves with this oil a highly praised recognition by users . Thus, its score of 83 out of 100 comes thanks to all categories, except for labeling and sensory analysis, where it does not score with all the stars.

Only available in Alcampo supermarkets , the one-liter bottle costs 4.03 euros , while with the carafe the price per liter drops substantially (3.76 euros) until it is sold for 18.84 euros.

El Corte Inglés Oil
The one that closes the first five positions, but also the first that is recognized in the Bio category. With maximum scores in acidity, authenticity, quality and care of the fruit , the Spanish department stores thus achieve a product highly praised by the OCU (81 out of 100).

For sale in all establishments that operate under the ECI brand (Supermercados El Corte Inglés, Supercor and Hipercor), the one-liter bottle costs 5.59 euros .

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