Texas Man Sets Mother’s Ex On Fire, Charged With Murder

A 37-year-old man in Texas has been charged with murder for dragging his mother’s ex-lover and then setting him on fire.

According to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, the accused, identified as Robert Eugene Hoffpauir, arrived at his mother’s home Sunday evening where he witnessed a “domestic disturbance” between her mother and her former partner, Roman Rodriguez.

Hoffpauir then allegedly beat Rodriguez “into submission” during a scuffle before tying a tow strap around the man’s waist. He then attached the strap to Rodriguez’s pick-up truck, the sheriff’s office stated.

credit – reportdoor.com

What does the evidence show?

Officials, citing the evidence, said that Hoffpauir “then dragged Rodriguez from the home for a lengthy distance down the road where the truck and Rodriguez was abandoned.”

Hoffpauir then set the truck on fire, the sheriff’s office stated.  It seems to be unclear whether Rodriguez died before or after the vehicle reportedly pulled him. An autopsy is pending.

Texas Rangers are cooperating in the investigation, NBC News reported. The accused’s bond was set at a million dollars. It was not known if he got an attorney.

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It said, “stay aware no matter what you’re doing or where you are and don’t assume you’re safer in certain parts of town” as criminals out hunting for their next victim are lurking around Houston’s fanciest restaurants and stores.

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