Texas Governor Abbott Passes Bill To Carry Pistols In Public Without License

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has signed a permit-less defensive pistol bill into law Wednesday. As per the law which will come into effect on September 1, Texans will eventually be prepared to bring pistols publicly without getting licenses or instruction.

Individuals who are 21 years old and older who may lawfully carry guns in the county can now carry pistols in public venues without a license. When the law comes into effect, Texas would become the largest state to allow its gun owners to carry their weapons in public without a license.

credit – bbc.com

Democrats and law enforcement officers argue on the bill

With the passage of HB 1927, Texas joins the group of conservative-leaning states that have enacted legislation this year permitting permit-less carriage and expanding gun ownership at the state and local level. Democrats and several law enforcement officers in the state argue that the piece of legislation lacks mandated firearms training, making it much more difficult to establish who is holding a firearm illegally.

Abbott had previously stated that he would approve the law only after informing WBAP in April. He added that he hopes this should make it to his office and that they should have “constitutional carry” in Texas.

Republicans who are supporting the permit-less carriage law, which they call “constitutional carry,” claim that by removing the licensing requirement, they are eliminating an insurmountable barrier to individuals’ freedom to possess guns and guaranteeing that more Texans have access to private defense in open areas.

People carrying a pistol must go through a series of procedure

Texas already enables residents to lawfully carry weapons without a license. The residents of the state should have a permit to carry open or hidden pistols under existing rules. Individuals must present a fingerprint, undertake a criminal record check, complete a training session, and complete a shooting competency exam as part of the licensing procedure.

Five additional states — Iowa, Tennessee, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming — enacted laws enabling somewhat of a permit-less hold earlier this year, CNN reported.

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