Texas beat Arizona State owing to Zach Zubia’s Home Run

Zach Zubia is a popular face of the Longhorn baseball team. There in the champions round of the Austin Regional on Saturday, Zach Zubia blasted a two-run leadoff homer and No. 2 overall seed Texas loaded the bases in the third inning prior to scoring on a hit runner, a walk, and a wild pitch to beat Arizona State 10-3.

For the Longhorns (44-15), Ty Madden (7-4) pitched six innings, permitting one run on three singles and four walks while punching out seven batters. Tanner Witt came next, striking Hunter Haas with his third pitch and then allowing Nate Baez to blast a two-run home run before relaxing in and getting his fifth assist.

Texas beat Arizona State owing to Zach Zubia's Home Run

Longhorn baseball team

In the 2021 NCAA Division I baseball season, the Texas Longhorns host the University of Texas at Austin. As a participant of the Big 12 Conference, the Longhorns play their games at their home stadium at UFCU Disch–Falk Field. Longhorns are headed by David Pierce, who is in his fifth season as head coach at Texas.


Zach Zubia’s pair of scoreless innings

Following his home run in the fourth innings, Zach Zubia drove in a pair of scoreless innings. In a three-run sixth, Trey Faltine delivered an RBI single, and Eric Kennedy singled up a pair. Texas’ scoring was completed with a two-run single by Silas Ardoin in the eighth inning.


The winner of the game is to be announced on Monday

On Sunday, Arizona State (33-21) is going to face Fairfield in an elimination match. On Monday, the winner will be announced in Texas.

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