San Antonio’s Sunflower Field Celebrates Cancer Fighters, Survivors

Traders Village San Antonio presented a unique experience for families last week as their 10-acre corn maze site was changed into a field of yellow sunflowers, ideal for photos but also to remember individuals battling cancer.

Brian Billeck, marketing manager of Traders Village San Antonio, came up with the concept to pay tribute to fighters like his late son, Damon Billeck.

“My son Damon died three years ago from osteosarcoma, and last year I was just looking through some images (of Damon and was inspired),” Billeck said.

The sunflowers were planted in late March, and the opening weekend was pushed back a few days owing to recent rain.

“There was virtually nothing on Monday of this week,” Billeck said, adding: “Only a few sunflowers were blooming. Then there was a sea of yellow by Wednesday (or) Thursday.”

Yellow Sunflowers Enchant Kids, Adults

Billeck said that he believes the varied shades of yellow sunflowers bring delight to children and adults, especially those suffering from sarcoma cancer or any other form of cancer. He erected a wooden sign with the word “Hope” and a yellow ribbon in the field to memorialize his son and other sarcoma cancer survivors.

“A lady came in (Saturday) and hugged the (yellow ribbon) cancer emblem that I have in (the field),” Billeck said. “She literally began crying tears of joy because she had just been (tested for and received a result of) NED last week, which means no evidence of disease. She took it as a sign that things were going to improve,” he added.

Now thousands of sunflowers of various sizes and colors have finally bloomed, providing the ideal backdrop for a family portrait.

“We had two ideas yesterday. We held a bachelorette party as well. We have a proposal as well. So, if your friend asks, ‘Hey, want to go to the sunflower field?’ (you) should (come),” Billeck said.

The sunflower field will be open every Saturday in June, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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