San Antonio Welcomes Its First Ever Marijuana-Themed Sub Franchise

San Antonio is all set to launch its first-ever marijuana-themed sandwich franchise. The franchises’ name is Cheba Hut.

Cheba Hut

According to a public statement, Cheba Hut serves more than 30 “toasted” subs, as well as a range of Rice Krispy, treats, salad, and snacks.

It also has a bar that serves drinks, including Cheba Rita, Hot Box, Dirty Hippie, etc. It even has a wide variety of local brews Alamo Beer Company, Freetail Brewing Company, and Blue Star Brewing Company.

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Steve Bales and Bria Lattimore, both San Antonio locals, are the company owners of the first San Antonio branch.

Cheba Hut is unique, according to Bales, when compared with all other sandwich businesses. He also mentioned that this isn’t a typical sub restaurant and that the concept that Cheba Hut also has a full-service bar sets it apart from the competition. There is no compromise made with the quality of the food. The owner of the business also believes that it is going to make an astounding success in this market.

Cheba Hut “appealed” to Bales and Lattimore for its casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Cheba Hut’s executive relationship manager, Seth Larsen, expressed his delight at the company’s expansion into San Antonio. He also complimented the owners and said that the two are the ideal partners for Cheba Hut’s first-ever branch in San Antonio.

The Bottom Line

Cheba Hut first opened its doors in 1998, and the sandwich “joint” integrates local food products with a laid-back and unique atmosphere.

On June 28, Cheba Hut San Antonio will launch at 11911 Alamo Ranch Pkwy. The business will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.



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