San Antonio: Pabst Brewing Is Selling A 1,776-Pack Of Beer Because “1,777 Was Excessive”

Pabst Brewing Co., located in San Antonio, has chosen to go big or go home for the Fourth of July holiday.

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Celebration for 245th birthday of the country

Pabst has released a 1,776-pack of its signature brew, Pabst Blue Ribbon, to commemorate the country’s 245th birthday. You’ve probably guessed that the number of cans reflects the year the United States was formed.

In a press release, Nick Reely, marketing vice president for the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand, said: “We decided the greatest approach to celebrate the year America declared its freedom was to design a package that carried that many beers: 1,776.”

“It was the very least we could do. I mean, other than making our beer cans red, white, and blue. Actually, we could only do 1,776 since 1,777 looked excessive.”

Pabst did not divulge the dimensions of the plus-sized beer box, but based on images of it filling up the whole bed of a pickup truck, it’s unlikely to fit in most people’s refrigerators.

Unfortunately for those who like to buy in quantity, just four of the 1,776-packs are being made as part of the brewer’s summer-long marketing campaign.

Igloo coolers, skateboarding podcast The Nine Club, comedian Ali Macofsky, and Midwest band Hot Mulligan are among the beneficiaries.

Until Labor Day, each of the four will be generating PBR-related material. Because it appears that repaying 1,776 cans of beer isn’t cheap.