San Antonio Is Seeking Community Feedback On Budget Priorities For 2022

San Antonio city officials presented a trial budget for the fiscal year 2022 to the city council on June 16. Owing to increasing city revenue, previously predicted deficits due to the COVID-19 epidemic are less severe than expected.

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As more individuals leave their homes to spend money at local restaurants, pubs, shops, and travel fees, the economy appears to be improving.

Both the sales tax and the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) have performed better than expected in the last six weeks. The increase in revenue, while still far below pre-pandemic levels, is a good indicator of economic recovery.

The budget schedule then moves on to the goal-setting session

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding is also a crucial role in creating the FY 2022 budget. The City of San Antonio anticipates receiving a total of $466 million to strengthen financial stability and assist community needs such as emergency housing, infrastructure repairs, and the operation of the San Antonio International Airport.

City officials have until 2024 to determine how to spend the remaining federal monies.

Residents can submit feedback on the FY 2022 budget via a community survey. Which closes at the end of the day on June 21.

The budget schedule then moves on to the goal-setting session on June 25 and the final budget proposal on August 12. So which services and programs would residents prefer to see funded under the American Rescue Plan Act?

How will the current round of contract negotiations with the San Antonio Police Department affect the budget?

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