Putin Laughed Off ‘Killer’ Remark Ahead Of Biden-Putin Meeting

Putin Laughed Off ‘Killer’ Remark Ahead Of Biden-Putin Meeting


On Wednesday, in a chat with NBC News ahead of the two leaders’ encounter in Geneva, the Russian President Vladimir Putin scoffed at the thought of being labeled a “killer,” but signaled a commitment to cooperate with President Biden.

Putin remarked Biden as a “career man”

Putin branded Biden as a “career man” who has “expended much of his whole existence in political affairs” in a segment released by NBC News before the whole interview aired on Monday, rendering him a completely distinct sort of politician than previous President Donald Trump.

Putin expressed his expectation that while there would be certain benefits and drawbacks, there would be no impulsive measures on account of the current US president.


Biden knows that Vladimir Putin is a serial killer

“So you know Vladimir Putin,” ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked Biden in March. George also asked Biden if he believes that Putin is a serial killer. 

On this, Biden responded: “I do.”

On questioned about the depiction in the NBC discussion, Putin grinned, adding that he is accustomed to confronting assaults from all types of perspectives. He avoided attacking Biden, instead stating that “harsh rhetoric” is a component of the American political atmosphere.

Once NBC reporter Keir Simmons mentioned the individual rivals of Putin’s who had been assassinated in the past few years, Putin’s reaction is much less upbeat.

“I don’t want to come across as being rude, but this looks like some kind of indigestion except that it’s verbal indigestion,” he said, before dismissing the deaths as a list of people who “suffered and perished at different points in time for various reasons, at the hands of different individuals.”


The Bottom Line

The President has stated that he plans to use Wednesday’s conference to inform Russia that violating the sovereignty of democracy in the United States, Europe, and abroad has repercussions. Cybercrimes on American sites, the Syrian civil war, election rigging, and Russia’s aggressiveness toward Ukraine are all scheduled to be discussed at the conference.


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